Who We Are

The Haines Chamber of Commerce was organized on March 26, 1909, before the incorporation of the City of Haines. At that time, the Haines Chamber of Commerce Constitution was accepted with 22 signatures. Initial membership fee was $5 and dues were $.50. Officers and trustees were elected, with George Vogel as President. Meetings were held twice a month at the Arctic Brotherhood Hall located on Second Avenue near the corner of Union Street. Records were maintained until February 1910.

The Chamber of Commerce reorganized on May 12, 1913, with 48 members and R. M. Odell serving as President. The specific purpose for organizing was to promote the building of a railroad (Alaska Midland Railroad) from Haines into the Interior of Alaska. A letter concerning this matter was sent to President Wilson. By May 1914, minutes were typed rather than handwritten. Located in the Sheldon Museum is a Haines Chamber of Commerce book of records showing the last recorded meeting as August 13, 1914.

To form a non-profit corporation, Articles of Incorporation were adopted on May 16, 1973. Signers of the Articles of Incorporation were Thomas E. Haisler, Carl W. Heinmiller, and Richard C. Folta.

On February 15, 1974, Emmitt Wilson, Commissioner of Commerce of Alaska, recognized the Haines Chamber of Commerce as a non-profit organization. On February 27, 1981, the Haines Chamber of Commerce became classified as a 501(c)(6) in the IRS Code.

Today, a Board of Directors, which consists of nine members, each elected by the membership to three-year terms, governs the Chamber.

The Haines Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization whose primary mission is to promote economic growth and advocate for the Haines Borough business community.


Amanda Brandon: Director

Dory Thompson: Assistant Director

Hello, My Name is Dory. I visited Haines in October of 2021.
I came back in the Spring of 2022 and stayed. I came because of  Family and stayed because of them. I grew up in Oregon. I drove truck for 14 years. I worked for State Parks for two seasons in the Blue Mountains and I worked for The Oregon Corrections in Umatilla.
I volunteered for a free tax service in my community 14 years. I am a Christian and a member of the Tlingit Tribe, also a member of CIA. I have been learning of my  Family history and the language my grandmother was not allowed to speak after 12 years of age.

Board of Directors

Craig Franke

Board President

Manager of Community Waste Solutions

I’ve long understood that business and free enterprise are the engines that drive any successful community and as such I’m proud to serve the chamber membership in looking for new and innovative ways of adding value to our association and business community. I remain a staunch advocate for any legal business and look to build partnership-type relationships with local and state government, as well as local and regional business interests.

George Hoffman

Board Vice President

Owner Haines Hitch-UP RV Park

My wife Laura and I have loved camping for many years. We first started camping when our two children were very young. We traveled all across the country creating wonderful memories. In 2018 we decided to turn our passion for camping into our career. We love Haines and moved here full time in 2022. I joined the Chamber of Commerce because I believe in small business and I want to see all businesses in this town thrive. I believe if we work together we will all succeed.

Rodney Hinson

Owner of Alaska Rod’s

I’m Rodney Hinson, and along with my wife Rhonda, we own and operate Alaska Rod’s. I have been doing custom knives for 15 years, and we have had our store on Main Street for 11 years. We have the work of over 100 artists and craftsmen from Alaska and the Yukon.

Over the years, we have bought out a few other businesses, including The Great Alaska Soap Company and Alaska Mud Fudge. As a result, I make over 30 flavors of fudge, many of which we mail all over the United States and Canada.

I want to help our community by ensuring our local and state governments know our needs and concerns.
I also want to ensure business owners understand the need to be open when events happen in town.

Glenda Gilbert

Owner of Haines Home Building Supply

Elaine Bell

Retired City Administrator

Elaine Bell. I moved to Haines in 2017. I worked in Juneau for Southeast Conference in workforce development. Before that I was City Administrator for a very small town on Prince of Wales, Coffman Cove. I have been involved with several nonprofits and resource development. I have lived in Alaska 53 years and am currently retired.

Erica Loomis Carrington

Owner of White and Willow 

Hi, I’m Erica Loomis Carrington.  I was born and raised in Haines and then spent 20 years in Sitka before returning to my hometown with my husband Paul and our daughter Drew.  I have two grown children who live in Oregon and Alaska.  Along with my husband, we own several small businesses in Haines and Sitka and seeing our economy thrive is important to me.  I value the Haines Chamber of Commerce and it’s my pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors!