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 ByHaines Shop Local & Save 
2021 Program Update

In cooperation with the Haines Borough, the Haines Economic Development Corporation and Haines Chamber of Commerce teamed up to run the second annual Shop Local and Save Campaign. In one month the program generated over $183,200 in sales for local, non-discretionary businesses. In light of two years of lost sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this program was a needed stimulus for our business community. 

The byHaines program represents the essence of local shopping. Whether it is a product or a service, every local purchase has potential to grow our community and contribute to the financial wellbeing or your friends and neighbors. Together we can work towards a thriving business community. After all, that dollar spent in town may eventually work it way back into your hands, as you market your products and services to the community. 

On behalf of the Chamber and HEDC, thank you for participating in the program, and we invite you to stay connected to future byHaines initiates.  

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