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Following the example of the national and other state Chambers of Commerce, we have established our own 2021 list of advocacy priorities. In our 2021 Members' Needs Survey, advocacy was the Chamber's most important function, followed by information sharing, and community events. 

Since the beginning of 2020, we have discovered the growing need for businesses to have an advocate. By definition*, an advocate is "one who pleads the cause of another." 

We understand our primary function to be a representation of the small business community in Haines to the local, state, and federal policymakers. Our vision is for a thriving business sector, which will benefit the governmental, consumer, and non-profit sectors. Indeed, the starting point for a thriving Haines is a thriving Haines small business community. Advocacy is our means to make that happen. 

Therefore, the following list was created through our advocacy committee, and endorsed by the majority of our members. 

In our 2021 Survey, 79% of our members who responded stood by the priorities. A significant number of those opposed were against the Cascadia Point Ferry terminal due to the potential support of the Juneau Road project, yet they supported the rest. We thus adopted the priorities below, yet have noted the areas where our members expressed concern.  


*"Advocate" (nd.). Merriam-Webster.

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