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Board President
First National Bank Alaska

I’m proud to serve the Haines business community as acting President of the Chamber of Commerce.  I moved to Haines in 2018 and have been a student of finance and banking for eight years now.  My experience in banking Haines is well suited to a unique and valuable pro-business viewpoint.



Board Vice President
Alaska Mountain Guides

I’m proud to represent the business community of Haines as a current Chamber of Commerce Board member.  I’m a business owner and also a Board member for Haines Economic Development Corporation and the Tourism Advisory Board.  I’m excited about what we’ve accomplished and look forward to continuing the important work of the Chamber.

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Board Secretary
Constantine Mining LLC
M.Sc., Vice President of Community & External Affairs
Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.

I am passionate about economic development AND meeting environmental standards.  My experience as a scientist and business executive brings expertise in land use planning, environmental regulations, and communications to the Board.  My frequent trips to Juneau, Anchorage, and Whitehorse also provide opportunities for Chamber outreach and advocacy work.



Board Treasurer
Haines Real Estate

I believe that a diverse economy is a healthy and sustaining economy.  As a Chamber member, I strive to guide our business community through healthy growth that provides opportunities for new business ventures while maintaining a forward looking strategy to enhance growth and sustainability of our existing industries.



Board Member
Howsers IGA Supermarket

I’ve lived in Haines since fifth grade and seen it evolve over the years.  I’ve been working for Howsers IGA for ten years and am now in a management position.  My retail based mindset and eagerness to help this community grow strong is a good addition to the Board.



Board Member
Storage and Warehouse

My desire and reason for offering my time to the Chamber is to help our community return to the prosperity it has the potential to receive.  Growing up in Haines in the 1970s and early 1980s, our community shared logging, lumber mills, fishing, and tourism as industrial drivers.  Three of the four have atrophied, with efforts within the community to further reduce all economic drivers.

Only through organized efforts can our community continue to support family incomes.  As a Board member, my business experience offers insight and ideas that complement those of other Board members.  Through some contacts I have in other communities, I hope to also assist in bringing more knowledge and outreach to enable our community in forming partnerships with economic projects.

The Chamber of Commerce should be a voice for the business community, educating and guiding the government and public through factual education supporting all business and industry bringing economic stability to Haines.



Board Member
Alaska Marine Lines

I’m proud to represent the business community of Haines as a current Chamber of Commerce Board member. I’ve been a Haines resident for 20 years and have been involved in the transportation industry for 16 years. I look forward to using my experience to help the Chamber fulfill its mission to the community of Haines.



Board Member
Haines Industrial Supply LLC

As a business owner in the Chilkat Valley, I am passionate in seeking steady growth and improvement of my hometown.  I feel my ideas and energy can help in the right atmosphere.