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Local Resource Development

Welcome to Robert Venables as Haines' Economic Development director. Contact Robert with your ideas and questions through this site.

Haines has a diverse economy. This page contains resources divided by the general subject/resource area. The following sectors are arranged in alphabetical order:

The Arts
Haines is home to many artists, artisans and craftspeople. Most artists sell their work through local gift stores and galleries, but others have websites of their own or sell through websites that feature their work.


Information Technology

    Many Haines residents make a living in the computer industry, usually as freelancers doing writing, programming and designing. and are great ways to advertise your skills to the world. Check out the following resources to see how you can pick up freelance work that you can do from home:
    • Sign up with and let the world come to your door! Writers, developers, designers are all listed on this service.
    • Cruel World
      Targeted, confidential, industry-specific career site.
    • WorkExchange
      A clean, comprehensive marketplace for employers and freelancers looking for project-oriented work. Once employers post a contract project, the site searches its extensive database of freelance professionals to find the best match.
      Allows businesses to outsource projects that can be completed remotely.
      Helps "buyers" and "sellers" of freelance jobs find each other, negotiate the deal and use the site as a platform for communication and delivery of service. Jobs are either open for bidding or posted at a fixed price. It's geared toward high-tech projects, but also features administrative and research opportunities.
    • is the single largest employment search engine on the Web. So, if you're looking for a career you can really sink your teeth into, turn to a job seeker's best
      Tons of links and industry information make this site a must for any freelance writer. Members can browse job postings, get industry advice and sign up for a helpful newsletter, among other things.
    • The World Wide Freelance Directory
      Lists professional freelancers and consultants from all specialties. Workers across the globe can submit their data into the searchable directory.
      Have some free time and want to earn a few extra bucks? This innovative site matches ordinary people of all skill levels with small businesses that need help.


Timber Processing

  • Great general resource for timber industry businesses.

  • Southeast Timber Task Force Report

  • is here for the purpose of bringing small Alaskan Wood Producers together with consumers and each other. The goal of this site is to promote the many small independent timber operators within the state of Alaska.

  • The Wood Products Development Service is here to help you build your business. Call Dan Parrent in Sitka for more information.
      Wood Products Development Service
      Dan Parrent
      Wood Products Development Specialist
      204 Saginaka Way
      Sitka, Alaska 99835
      Telephone: (907) 747-5688
      Fax: (907) 747-4344


  • Is your tourism business listed on the Haines Convention and Visitors Bureau website?

  • Be sure to check out the Southeast Alaska Tourism Council website to make sure you are properly represented.

  • Download the Haines Cruise Ship Schedule (PDF)

  • The Alaska Division of Tourism created this website to help groups and individuals develop tourism in their communities.

  • If you are a part of the travel industry in Alaska, or interested in becoming a part of it --- this is the place where you'll find all the facts and figures, the meeting times and places times, order forms, and presentations! Most of the information you'll need for researching your tourism-related idea is right here.

    Keep your eye on this site --- current data, time-sensitive information, and up-to-date forms makes this page one you'll want to check often!

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Starting a Small Business | Growing Your Business | Where to Turn for Help

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