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Licenses, Permits, and Insurance

Licences and Permits

This section lists most of the licenses or permits that Haines small businesses need before doing business in Haines:

All Businesses

Specialized Licenses and Permits

If your business operates in the Haines townsite, read through the Haines business license and permits code to see what other licenses and permits you might need. The Directory of Licensed Occupations contains a listing of occupations which require a license issued by Federal and State Agencies, Municipality of Anchorage, City of Fairbanks, and City and Borough of Juneau.

Many state and federal lands require permits for a variety of uses. If you operate on state or federal land, be sure to contact the relevant agency to ensure you have the right permits.

Insurance Requirements

As a business owner, you should be aware of where your exposure to risk lies. It is a wise idea to insure against that risk. Some insurance coverage is mandatory (for instance if you operate a van service, you need to carry certain liability policies in order to operate legally and if you operate on state lands, there are liability requirements that need to be met) and other types of insurance are just a good idea.

Starting a Small Business | Growing Your Business | Where to Turn for Help

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